Kannastor 4 Piece Multi Chamber Grinders

Kannastor 4 Piece Multi Chamber Grinders

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 Kannastor 4 piece grinders are a great way to make your herbs go further. Manufactured using 61/60 food grade aluminum, with the right care these grinders can easily last you a lifetime. The strong interlocking teeth and specially engineered drop-through design work together to deliver a consistent, fine grind with ease. 


Kannastor Multi Chamber Grinder Features

4 Piece

Food Grade Aluminum

Easy to Remove Screen

Drop Through Design

Limited Lifetime Warranty



The Kannastor multi chamber grinders are back with a whole resign including improved materials, stronger magnets and a deeper sifting chamber so you can collect even more keif than ever before. 


Unlike most generic grinders you can easily remove the screen for cleaning should it become blocked. There's 1 screen available (60 mesh) with this grinder to fit these grinders, each made from monofilament to give you a better yield than traditional stainless steel screens. This great feature also means you're able to switch your screens with a brand new one if it becomes damaged, meaning you don't have to buy a whole new grinder. 


The modular design gives you the flexibility to stack your grinder in various ways, from a simple 2 piece pocket-sized stack for storage, to a multi layered grinding beast. 


There's a choice of various sizes to choose from including an option which includes a clear jar body to allow you to monitor your consumption.