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Sony VTC5a 18650

Sony VTC5a 18650

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Battery Mooch -

Sony VTC5A 2500mAh 18650 Bench Test Results...a fantastic 25A battery!

Bottom Line: The Sony VTC5A is a top-performing 25A 2500mAh battery. It runs at a higher voltage than the Aspire 1800mAh, VTC4/5, 25R, and HD2C and runs for almost as long as the VTC5. I want to do some more comparisons against other cells but this is probably one of the top three best 18650's.

Battery Safety:

Keep wraps intact
Use the right batteries
Use battery cases!!!
Watch out for counterfeits
Don’t leave your batteries charging unattended
Use a dedicated charger
Don’t over-drain your batteries
Avoid extreme temperatures
Use married batteries
Replace old batteries
Recycle old batteries