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Vaperstreet 'HQ'

'out west'

'the little one'

Unable to take payments at the moment, sorry. Please either call or email for assistance. Thank You.

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We have now successfully opened our 3rd store!!

Locations: 11 Bond Street (HQ)

4 Seaton Place, Sand st. (the little one)

Les Quennevais Precinct (out west) 😃

Tel: +44 7700303449



Thank you and please stay safe.

Best vape shop in town. Alan is very friendly and very knowledgable about his products and nothing is too much trouble. He is always happy to give advice and impart his knowledge. Just what you want in a shop

Geoff S

Simply the best vapeshop in Jersey. Alan,the owner is excellent. Great adviser,such a fantastic service. He always sorted out any issues i had with my devices/liquids/coils. He always go above & beyond. Awesome! The shop have some of the best products in the market, the most reliable devices and some of the the top Premium brands mainly mad3 in the UK. Quantity and quality are not synonymous, Vaperstreet policy definitely goes for products certified qualitative. Gave up cigarretes 2 years ago ( last one on 1-8-2016), thanks to Alan. Totally confidence in this guy. LEGEND Highly recommended.

Bruno P

The only vape shop in Jersey to visit if you want the best juice and devices, along with spot on, impartial advice. The staff are the best, they really know their stuff and make you feel welcome every visit. Alan the owner is brilliant.

Jack B